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There is a Season for Everything

For someone living paycheck to paycheck, even predictable expenses can become overwhelming. Understanding these needs allows us to anticipate and provide resources at key moments throughout the year, relieving pressure just when clients need it.

  • Morning for Moms: At the tale end of winter, this February morning experience offers parents a manicure, massage, breakfast, gift, and a moment of support while we play with their kiddos. The emphasis on relationship-building is one of the things that makes us unique among emergency services organizations in our community.

  • School Supplies: July brings with it a lot of pressure for the young families we serve. With the extra expense of feeding meals to kids home for the summer, parents’ finances can be stretched to the limit in the weeks just before school starts. Offering a large school supply kit to each kid in the family is a timely reminder of what community is all about.

  • Coat Exchange: Despite the extreme winter weather in Omaha, a coat on every body is a luxury that many families simply can’t afford. Our community partnerships and donors allow us to provide winter coats to ages infant through adult, and clients are encouraged to pay it forward by donating coats that have been outgrown. It’s one way we promote dignity, by recognizing that clients can and do contribute invaluably, no matter their financial situation.

  • Stocking Stuffer Store: Christmas gift programs are accessible to many struggling families in our community. However, the tradition of stuffing stockings has been sadly overlooked in the non-profit space. We fill that gap, with high quality gifts we’d be happy to give our own children available for $2.00 per stocking. When giving a gift to another, that small cost protects the self-respect of parents, as they have earned and paid for the gift they’re giving their children.

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Love is more than a word. It’s a calling – to be a light to generations,
with every simple moment and each simple gift.