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Babies Deserve Clean Diapers

Diaper banks are revolutionizing the way communities care for new parents all across America. The critical moment when a struggling family welcomes a little one can be a tipping point, where the overwhelming cost of diapers can mean the difference between prosperity and heartache. No parent should have to compromise the health of their child, so we go to great lengths to offer a solution, including:

  • Diaper sizes Newborn through 6, so no parent feels the need to squeeze a baby into too small a diaper

  • High quality name brand diapers by request, for sensitive bottoms

  • An unparalleled 60-70 diapers per month, depending on the size

  • Diapers for up to two children per family

Diapers distributed per month, on average
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Diapers do change lives

Diaper Need (noun): the struggle to provide a sufficient number of clean, dry diapers to ensure that each diaper-wearing person can be changed out of wet or soiled diapers as often as necessary.

The impact of a diaper cannot be overstated. As an essential hygiene item, diapers are required for cleanliness and health of course. Perhaps even more importantly, the mental health of a parent and child are surprisingly dependent on a steady supply of diapers. Diaper need has profound effects, that can last generations.

  • The highest rates of child abuse and neglect coincide with the time children are potty training, often when parents attempt training too soon to save on diapers

  • Many daycare providers require parents to bring a supply of disposable diapers, meaning parents without diapers miss work

  • Families have reported “drying” and re-using disposable diapers or changing diapers less often

  • It is theorized that poor diaper hygiene can damage the infant’s development of parental bonding, attachment, and emotional regulation


Love is more than a word. It’s a calling – to be a light to generations,
with every simple moment and each simple gift.