Project Description


What’s on the table matters

Food brings people together. It’s the glue of social interaction, the fuel for productivity and happiness, and a moment of rest in the storm of life. We believe in the radical idea that offering food choice and dignity with emergency food services will empower families. Our unique approach includes:

  • A clean and inviting grocery store style experience

  • A balanced and consistent meal plan, regardless of the season

  • Remarkable variety, including uplifting items like fruit juice and kid’s cereal

  • A generous average of 15 meals per person each visit

Meals distributed per month, on average
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Why food? And why here?

Food Insecurity (noun): the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

LIFEhouse Partnership sits on the edge of three school districts and is conveniently located not far from public transportation and interstate access. Our community is haunted by a silent need that is only recently being identified. As Omahans recover from the great recession, many throughout the city continue to feel the financial pressure and feel alone. Food insecurity is in our backyard.

  • Food insecurity faces an estimated 227,350 Nebraskans, including 82,070 children, according to Feeding America’s Meal Gap 2018 report

  • Many families who face food insecurity do not qualify for government assistance for nutrition programs

  • Families forced to buy cheap food often suffer from poor nutrition


Love is more than a word. It’s a calling – to be a light to generations,
with every simple moment and each simple gift.