Our work began with a simple question: If our work stopped tomorrow, would our community miss us? We recognize our spiritual calling to leave our communities better off than we found them, and we are uplifted in the process.

THE LIFE HOUSE is a Christ inspired 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We demonstrate the love of Jesus by helping with the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors in Omaha and the surrounding areas.

MISSION STATEMENT: “Loving and Impacting Families Eternally with the truth of Christ”


  • Love: Proclaiming the love of Christ by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the people we serve.

  • Impact: Partnering with churches, agencies, fellow believers and clients to increase the ability to impact the neighborhoods of Prairie Lane and Westwood Church. Providing a local community service to the area schools and low-income families.

  • Families: Empowering families on their faith journey by providing basic needs and opportunities to grow in the knowledge of Christ’s love.

  • Eternally: Serving faithfully to proclaim that Jesus is the way, the resurrection and the life.

From a foundation of biblical stewardship, The Life House is driven to ensure that contributions make a powerful impact in our community.  We will provide Annual Reports as well as the IRS Form 990, as is required by law.

To view our 2019 Annual Report, click here: Annual Report 2019.

Coming Soon.

For more information, visit our GuideStar page here: Guidestar The Life House Profile

If our doors closed tomorrow, would our community miss us?  How can we better serve our neighborhood?

Scott Christiansen • Pastor, Westwood Church

We refuse to feel like a pantry. Our clients are worth more than that.

Amy Salerno • Founding Board Member, LIFEhouse Partnership


Love is more than a word. It’s a calling – to be a light to generations,
with every simple moment and each simple gift.