Our organization, originally known as LIFEhouse Partnership, was born out of a collaboration between two local churches: Prairie Lane Church and Westwood Church. One had time and volunteers, while the other had a perfect location. Both were looking for a way to create change in their community.

Since opening our doors in September 2014, we have grown significantly while maintaining our commitment to serving families with dignity and love. We established a client choice pantry, offering a grocery store style experience where we take the time to learn names and relate to our clients personally. Diapers were introduced to fill a need that was missing in the community, and our diaper bank program has become one of the most successful and vital aspects of our work.


Our growth was strong, even early on. The Food Bank for the Heartland recognized us as the fastest growing food pantry our first year with the Big Apple Award. We established our seasonal event schedule, working carefully not to overlap other community services and offer something completely new and desperately needed.

Stepping out as a 501(c)3 non-profit allowed us to maintain our relationships with our founding churches while partnering with other community resources and organizations. Our Executive Director, Tegan Reed, was one of our founding board members who excitedly stepped up into a paid position as our first staff member. In 2018, we enlisted a governing board of experienced community leaders to allow our feet-on-the-ground team to do even more. Since then, we have been capitalizing on an explosion of opportunities to team up with community organizations and businesses, which has given us the resources to do more and more with every one of our programs.

In September of 2018, we became The Life House – a simplified name which carries forward our values of love, family, and humanity. As in the beginning, we strive to create a place to which we would be happy to bring our own families, understanding that as we serve others they minister to us through their conversation and their hearts for the people they love. Looking forward, we will be steadfast in upholding the atmosphere that makes clients feel welcome and secure.


Love is more than a word. It’s a calling – to be a light to generations,
with every simple moment and each simple gift.